Totally “You”-nique

“Thank you for helping me break barriers of self-esteem problems. Through you I was able to fight other past dilemmas. I unlocked my truths. I will no longer let these past negative energies keep me bound anymore. You’ve helped me overcome trauma in a couple of hours than anyone has ever did my entire life. I’m truly grateful for you. This was a PHENOMENAL and transformational session.”

A. Thomas

“Today I learned different personal development. You helped me to understand that I have to learn me in order to become wonderful in anything I do and be honest with myself, to identify my true self and using that to push yourself towards wanting better. I appreciate the time you take to get to know your clients and help us understand life differently. I’m very thankful and I believe everyone should do this course. Very Refreshing.”

L. C.

“You made me look within myself to see where I went and am still going wrong.” For that I will forever thank you.”

C. Gibson

“Thank you, thank you for making me see there is more to me, my life, and so much more. I walked into your class ready for something else. But I am leaving today wanting to know so much more about myself.”

Z. Crane

“Thank you for this class and your warm big heart. I needed these words of wisdom. I’m going to take action of improving myself for me and my kids. I’m ready for a new me, thanks to you!”

S. Hughes

“Thank you so much. Meeting you was a great experience. Your vibe and energy were everything to set the mood and make everyone feel comfortable enough to share and open up. The way you deliver your message and help a person really dig deep to figure out what was the cause & effect, and how to change it, helped me realize what my distractions have been and the things I need to work on within. I really appreciated the opportunity to meet you. My life will never be the same. I’m excited about tomorrow. You are one of a kind!”

K. Coles

“The things that were said in today’s session touched my heart because I know that God has been hearing my cry. He brought a special person to pour knowledge into me to help make me a stronger woman when I walk out today.”

J. Smith

“I loved the encouraging words you gave to me today. You dug deep and it made me feel a lot better. It’s like a burden was lifted off my chest today. I learned that my mistakes do not define my future. I learned that I don’t need to be like anyone else to be successful because God made me unique. I can be myself and give myself room to learn and grow. I’m looking at myself and I’m thinking deep into what I really need to change about me. I feel revived after this session and the burden I lifted. I will keep identifying my choices and challenges and learn to grow from them.”

Q. Denard

“I love your teaching strategy and the how you dig deep into someone’s life and present them with the real them. Thank you.”

D. Mongar

“I just love the way you came in and told us about your experiences, gave us your authentic self, to showed us that we need to get to know more about ourselves.”

D. Jeffers

“I want you to know that your presence changes the atmosphere. From your jokes, to playfulness, confidence, and teaching, it was just F-ing Amazing! You brightened my day. Glory to God for everything he spoke through you. Continue being you because you are touching lives the right way and bringer us closer to God, even while not being in church.”

J. Hartzog

“I learned a lot about me in the past two days. Mostly about how I can change even if I feel like I can’t. I feel understood and like I have been pushed. Learning about my moral standards and value code, and the things I need to work on to succeed in life is going to make me change the way I think. Because I have a goal that I want to meet before I turn 30. Now, I know I can do it.”

T. Riggins

“The entire process was relaxed. I felt no anxiety because you made me feel like that. I learned a lot about myself. This might sound strange or unrealistic for some people. But I think this experience, this made me a better “me.” I am now focused and ready to get things done. I appreciate the little things in my life more. I AM READY TO DO THE WORK!”

M. Lasserre

“My experience for the past two days was different. You made me think really hard about who I am. That made me realize I need to learn myself and find myself. You taught me how to walk with confidence so I can get the job with no problem. Your personal story made me want to go harder. I appreciate you for taking your time and talking to me.”

C. Maxwell

“You have opened my eyes to a new way. I love the way you showed me that love, respect, and honesty will help me go a long way. Thank you for this walk of life. It’s people like you that will make a very big difference in the world. You are gifted and it’s good to see Black Queens in power.”

M. Williams

“I feel like you need a whole entire building to yourself for people who need help and who needs someone to talk to and you can go around to each room helping and talking to people. The exercises helped me understand my purpose and my reason. Great Class.”

S. McCauley

I’ve learned that everyone’s path isn’t my path. You have to follow your heart and do what’s best for you. I learned that I could do whatever my heart desires. I am happy that I am in your class today, to have met you, and to know that it’s okay to be on my own journey.

Y. Mobley

Dr. Pam, I want to say thank you for having me to come in front of the class and speak. You also made me ask myself some tough questions that needed to be answered. You have really opened the eyes of my soul. I really had to deep-dive to understand what you were asking of me. Thank you for that!


I am excited to begin this journey. I think you are an amazing teacher, and I’m happy you are pushing me outside my usual comfort zone. I look forward to learning about myself.

K. Simmons

Within the first three hours of this class, I was impacted in such a way. I have never been able to overcome my shyness. I learned that no matter what happens in life, I should never give up on my dreams and goals and identify my purpose and why I am here.


What I learned was eye-opening, interesting, and emotional. I’m able to learn about myself in a way I’ve never done before. It’s engaging, and I love the fact that I am able to step out of my comfort zone and express myself uniquely.

A. Sinclair

It is not easy to look at yourself, to see who you really are, and try to change. You have given me so much in this short time. I enjoyed the exercises you had us do, having to really look at myself, the way you explain things, and how you make yourself relatable. These days with you will give me more than all of the years of therapy I have done. You are amazing at what you do.

S. Potts

Thank you for making me really look deep inside myself to really see and understand what my purpose is walking on this earth. I pushed myself to be a better me, authentically and not the way I thought it should be, but to be true to my true self.

Emmy D

You bring out the best in me, and I’m glad to have met you. You created a safe place, and I learned so much information for now and the future. You saw the good in me even when I didn’t, and you didn’t let me give up. I was able to get deep, laugh, cry, and you were able to touch me and teach me.

I. Martin

Dr. Pam, I just want to say thank you. You have enlightened me on things that I need to recognize about myself. Today has taught me that I am so much more. I am learning how to speak life into myself. I am very thankful to you. With all the love and attention you gave me, you showed me that I was worthy and that you were genuinely interested in me. And that spoke volumes.

B. Noble

Dr. Pamala, thank you. I love that you were able to get into my inner soul. You are an amazing teacher and coach. Thank you so much. You’ve helped me release a few things that I needed to let go of, and you’ve made me a better person than yesterday, and I love that. You taught me a lot, so much…


Whewwwww!!! You drained me today. I let out so many tears, and that made me feel so much better about so many different things. I feel like today actually did heal a piece of me. Your presence speaks so much louder than words, and I appreciate that so much.

T. Ward

This class has really taught me that our personal journeys are never-ending, and we always have to do the work to better ourselves. If I had had this program when I first started working, I probably would have had a longer-lasting career by now. Using everything I have learned in this program, my “probably” is now “going to be” and will be achieved.

J. B.

While taking this course, I have learned a lot. I learned how to channel my inner self and get questions answered deep within myself. I opened up, and you got me out of my shell to speak in front of others. This is something I could never do. I got comfortable with working with others, being in groups, and getting to know people. I learned what my biggest strengths and weaknesses are and how to use them in an interview. I learned how to control myself in conflictual situations, and I needed that.

S. Cato

Dr. Pamala, it has been an absolute privilege to have you show us the light. You are a great role model and rekindled the spark in me by resuscitating my self-esteem and reigniting my belief that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to. I had lost it in the motherhood hat. Our time has been too short, too intense, too amazing, and truly transformational. Thank you for helping the phoenix soar. I am looking forward to applying all that I have learned in this program, and it was a lot.

Rose I.

After only three days, I feel like I’m coming out with more courage, confidence, and control of my own life. I know now that I can do anything I put my mind to, no matter what it is. I learned that it is okay to put me first. I now know that I can walk into a room and own it by not saying one word. It’s okay not to be good at something because once you tell yourself you can…you will. I am very thankful for the time you spent opening my eyes in so many ways not just for work but also for life outside of work.

B. Ramos

Dr. Pamala, you’re the best teacher I’ve ever had. You showed me things that I needed to fix within myself and how to handle many other things in life, and I’m very thankful for that. Keep doing what you’re doing. Please don’t ever stop.

M. Williams

This workshop helped me get a different view of my life and where I want my life to be headed. I’m confident that the tools I was given by you will help me go further in life, not only in business but also personally.

T. Slater

I appreciate learning from you! I appreciate you having me dig deep into myself to get the confidence for public speaking. Thank you!

A. Peter

I think what’s really going to stick with me is “My Why” and the confidence I now believe I can do anything I put my mind to. I also identified my Big Dream Goal and why I have not accomplished it yet. I am always going to remember how to walk into a room and speak without saying a word. I remember the three steps to perfect posture. I realized that I am my own worst enemy and the doubt is coming from my own head and thoughts. I did not know that before meeting you.

K. Rose

I truly am blessed to be part of your class. I have attacked my inner demons and conquered them. In my opinion, you are such a beautiful person to learn from. I am truly thankful for you!

T. Wright

How remarkable to would have been to hear this as a teen-young adult. How different my choices would have been. What an amazing birthday gift to be here today to continue exploring, growing, defining, and polishing the diamond that I am. I can find the peace and stepping inside to keep plugging on in yet a different way, a more authentic way, closer to the dram goal, and purpose, and hopefully uniting those forever. I realized the hole in me was deep and dark. But you taught me that I can remind myself that my uniqueness has always brought me to shore, safe and sound.

R. Fernandez

Today, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. Today, I will walk out of here knowing that I WILL make my dreams come true, no matter how many times I fall or who tells me I can't. Because My Dash” belongs to me. I felt comfortable sharing things that I wouldn’t have shared. I know now that it’s okay not to follow the dreams that other people have for me. Today, I found my “Why” and my purpose.

L. Somar

I came to class today sad. I’m happy to be here now. But the stress of my personal situation put a damper on things. This morning, I felt like I couldn’t do this. But you gave me hope and drive today…truly! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me realize that no one can knock me off a path that I’m destined for except me. You restored my hope and reignited the motivation I felt drifting away from me. You’re forever in my heart. Thank you!

A. Brown

Today was an eye-opener. It helped me realize that I bottle a lot of stuff in and try to move on in life as if it never happened. I’ve learned that there’s no time limit on healing and that I can achieve anything in life as long as I believe in myself. I appreciate you for taking the time out of your day to talk to me and help me with my self-discovery and so much more.

A. Cotton

This class was a no judgment; just be yourself and show up for why you’re here and were put on this earth. I realized that achieving my goal wasn’t a fantasy anymore because If I wanted to do it, no ifs, ands, or buts. I released a lot of stress, anxiety, and negativity today. You’re a great teacher, and I’m glad to have you today. Thank you!


Dr. Pam today really inspired me. I come from a first-generation immigrant family, and I had all these hopes and dreams that came crashing down. But I now realize that all of those things have made me who I am today. These couple of days helped me to move on from my past. I’ve been stuck in the past and not moving forward because I was scared. I didn’t want to disappoint the people who love me. It feels like I’ve been placed in a glass case, and I can’t come out. Everyone has such high expectations of me, and I have been afraid to fail them. Now, thanks to you, I think I will be okay with disappointing them and living my life my way.


Thank you for being you! I am very happy that I chose this class. I have learned a lot in the first half of the first day of class. You made me cry, and I haven’t let anything out in a long time. It feels great to let something out…finally. I feel much better, and I just want to say thank you again. I feel like this program is a blessing and I am going to let my friends know about it. Everybody needs someone to help them move forward in life.